Terms and Conditions

This agreement is purely for splitting the sales effected through referrals by 'affiliate's' website(s).

The term, 'affiliate', does not imply any formal association for partnership or agency with FEMJOY or any of its online or offline activities.

You, the 'affiliate', receive a share of 50% of all gross net sales made through 'affiliate' links.

If you refer another 'affiliate' to this program you will receive 10% of his gross net sales in addition. (also known as 'webmaster referral')

Gross net is defined as all sales minus payment processing fees.

This split applies to new sales ('signups') as well as to rebills ('recurring membership fees').

If the signed-up member requests a refund or charges back at a later time, the original amount credited will be deducted.

All 'affiliate' links to FEMJOY are tracked by the CCBill referral system. You will receive a set up guide and examples how to set up 'affiliate' links to FEMJOY upon your signup to this program.

Payments are mailed or wired by CCBill directly each week. There is a minimum check amount before an 'affiliate' will receive a check. It is set to US$ 25.00 initially an can be modified through CCBill directly. The payments are made out of the United States. Add up to 7-10 days for international wire transfers and more if checks are mailed by physical mail if you are located outside the United States. Payments are usually made once a week on Mondays. If there are bank holidays on Mondays in the United States there will be delays in the respective week. CCBill handles all payouts and can be contacted at clientsupport@ccbill.com directly. The 'affiliate' agrees to pay any and all taxes (incl. sales taxes or VAT) for his part of the sale. FEMJOY will not pay the 'affiliate's' taxes.

FEMJOY will not accept responsibility for clearing 'affiliate's' cheques at their financial institutions or any fees involved, or any fees incurred by 'affiliate' payment through other means.

The following traffic sources are not accepted for this program: e-mail spamming ('unsolicited mass e-mails'), IRC, any form of mis-representing FEMJOY or websites which are illegal according to US law. 'Affiliates' may not use our trademarks in search engine ad campaigns, eg 'Femjoy', 'Joymii', 'Pure Nude Art', and 'The Art of Porn'. 'Affliates' may not link search engine ads directly to their referral codes. Links to your own website promoting our program, are permitted.

FEMJOY will not be held responsible for downtimes of the site.

FEMJOY will not be responsible for any technical failure that may result in the user's clicks or sales going unregistered. Although we will take reasonable steps to ensure that all legitimate sales are recorded and paid.

We reserve the right to terminate this program at any time without prior notification. In this case you will be notified and paid all accumulated funds up that point of time.

'Affiliates' will have online access to their sales data through a user/password protected web page operated by CCBill.com.

FEMJOY will provide special promotional content to help the 'affiliate' in his promotional activities. This material includes banners, text components and preview galleries and videos. FEMJOY will not tolerate the use of member area content (full photo galleries and/or full videos) except there is a specific agreement between FEMJOY and the 'affiliate' which describes the content and the planned use in detail.

FEMJOY reserves the right to terminate your account if it is idle for more than one month. In such a case you will be notified in advance.

FEMJOY reserves the right to deny participation of the program based on the nature of your website and/or traffic source.

FEMJOY reserves the right to change the split percentage.

All funds are paid by CCBill in U.S. dollars.

All content of this website (including text, photographs, videos, animations, layout, graphics) are strictly copyrighted by FEMJOY. You may only use FEMJOY promotional content to promote FEMJOY.com!

FEMJOY is a world-wide registered trademark. 'Affiliates' can use the word FEMJOY to promote FEMJOY only.

'Affiliates' agree and accept that email may be sent to them by FEMJOY in the form of newsletters and updates to advise of any changes in this agreement or other promotional information. 'Affiliates' can "opt out" by request.

FEMJOY reserves the right to alter the terms of this agreement.

FEMJOY reserves the right to delete 'affiliate' registrations at any time where Internet fraud is suspected. Such sites shall not receive any payments and may be the subject of legal proceedings.

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