New Site ++++ ++++ Live Now!

Dear Webmaster,

We are proud to announce that our newest site is out now!!

The conversion so far looks very promising and we would like to encourage you to promote our newest site on your best spots. It will definitely pay off!

Just link to with the same Affiliate ID that you use for FEMJOY or JOYMII and you will be credited for each referred sale (also for recurring sales).

We produce these new films in the highest possible quality (4k) and edit all movies to perfection, just like we always did with FEMJOY and JOYMII.

Be quick and take your share!!
Since we are also using the CCBill-Affiliate-Management for you can be sure to get maximum credits for your referred sales and the full transparency.

We have added new banners and also FHVs and FHGs plus ZIPs to so please go there and take what you need.

Please take full advantage of our brand new high quality site and grab your share now!

If you have feedback or questions please contact us here:

Thank you for your support!!


Jul 22, 2013: Adword hijacking is not allowed

It has come to our attention that some affiliates are purchasing adwords with "femjoy" and "joymii" and linking them directly to their affiliate referral codes. In the past, some affiliates have purchased adwords but linked them to their freesites such as "femjoy models" linking to a database of models. We have been permissive of this because it only affected a very tiny minority, but recent abuses have led us to change policy. Adword hijacking not only affects our revenue, but the revenue of other affiliates.

Effective immediately, all search engine adword campaigns with "femjoy", "joymii", "pure nude art", "the art of porn", and typos or similar-sounding phrases, ie femme joy - are not permitted.

Affiliates practicing this, have 30 days to wind down their campaigns. Your rebills will be untouched UNLESS you violate this policy.

Adword linking to your referral code is also not allowed.

What is permitted: generic adwords linking to your site. For example,

adword: cinematic models -> links to a freesite featuring models that have appeared on joymii,femjoy, et al.

I know the recent google algorithm changes have affected many of you. Some of you have adapted in smart, but fair ways. Adword hijacking is not playing fair, especially to the affiliates who painstakingly built up traffic through good content and quality link exchanges.

Apr 12, 2013: NEW FEMJOY FHG Design and Question Regarding Tracking

We've listened to your feedback and have redone the layout of the FHG.

No more scrolling thumbs. 16 thumbs, laid out in a grid with clearer call-to-actions.

As before, you do not need to do anything. Your links will automatically go to the new design and we hope to introduce more templates you can choose from in the future.

Regarding banners on the FHG: we only link to our own websites. Joymii is our site and is part of femcash. Your femjoy affiliate code works for both sites. Some affiliates have complained joymii sales from femjoy will not be tracked. We have spoken to ccbill and they assured us that so long as the sites are under the same program, the tracking will follow. If a user arrives at femjoy, and subsequently goes to joymii to purchase a membership, you will get the sale.

If there was a chance you don't get credit for the sale, we would not put a banner there.

Ask around; For almost 10 years, we've run one of the most respected and honest programs. We are always open to comments, and feedback. Your feedback helped us design the new FHG, and it helps us become better for you, and that's what we care about.



Apr 3, 2013: Femjoy Ondine Emails Not From Us and Not Legit

Some affiliates have informed us there is an "Elena" posing as a photographer's assistant sending out take down notices with any sets featuring the model, "Ondine".

At this present time, please ignore emails from "Elena". She has no affiliation with us. We have spoken to the photographer, double-checked our model releases, and verified all invoices.

All galleries, custom or otherwise, featuring Ondine, are still valid.

Thank you.

Sep 17, 2012: Femjoy and Joymii Better Than Ever

This summer has been one of the best ever for and with incredible sales, huge payouts to affiliates, fantastic server upgrades, improved gallery designs, great new content, and we are putting the finishing touches on the grand launch of the new!

We couldn't have done many of these things without you - our partners. Thanks to all who worked with us and gave us wonderful feedback. It was most appreciated and we loved sharing our own knowledge and expertise with you too, to better both our businesses.

Summer is almost over, but we have only just begun. Wait until you see what we have planned for Fall!

Jan 20, 2012: The new design for is online

Hey Guys!

Joymii has a new design and improved functionality. Check it out!

Warm Regards
Marketing & Sales

Jan 10, 2012: We wish a successful 2012!

It’s 2012 and we are going to roll out some new specials for you this year, which should ease the work for you and increase your revenue.

Being a partner of us means being a member of our family and we invite you to participate with ideas and improvements. So, do not hesitate to contact us in case you need help and in case you want to share your mind with us.

We all here wish you a successful year and may the joy be with you ;-)


FEMJOY & joymii Team

Dec 21, 2011: Thank you for the warm words!

One of our partners sent us following email: A BIG Thank You, C.D.J ! :-)...and for sure to our superhero Nick!

Nick and all of FEMJOY: I just want to thank you for having "it" together. Out of over one dozen other providers, I have only found one other which provides gallery names, model names, and archive URLs in a data feed, making it easy for software developers to access and utilize this information without hassle. For most providers, I have had to take hours to write scripts that automatically scrape content and infer zip file URLs from their disorganized backend "solutions." It's simply ridiculous and unnecessary for their affiliates to have to do this. No wonder you're #1. So, Nick, KUDOS to you or whomever wrote your backend.

In common, if anybody has suggestions, ideas etc., please let us know

Best Wishes
Affiliate Marketing

Oct 14, 2011: Little redesign for

Hello guys,

we have refreshed and optimized the site a little yesterday. We did not get any complaints for problems reported, so it is ready for primetime and the weekend FHG's.

The most important new features are:

- Models and Set Search
- AJAX based lists and paging for updates and models pages
- Optimized client-side rendering/lower latency/more contrast

We hope that this will also result in increased sales, so do yourself a favor and post our stuff at your most prominent places this weekend.

Warm Regards,
Affiliate Program Manager

Sep 19, 2011: Wrong plugin embedcodes!

The last update of the plugin codes (added CDN support) broke newly added plugins. This is fixes. If you were wondering why newly added plugins did not work for the last week, this was the reason.

Sorry for the inconvinience,

Kind Regards,
Affiliate Manager

Sep 8, 2011: Added "field-mapping" to export interface!

We have added the possibility of renaming fields. The "old" URL's are still compatible with the interface but they are marked as deprecated. So be sure that you update your URL's.

If you have any problems using the interface, please let us know. We are happy to assist you. The feature will be available within the next 30mins.

Kind Regards
Affiliate Manager

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